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Say hello to a new way to move

Born from Swiss innovation and Taiwanese excellence, the Nuvion concept is a lightweight urban mobility vehicle. Check it out from your perspective – the opportunity to drive one is on the horizon.

HTS™ suspension

The world patented Hydraulic Tilting System makes the Nuvion concept a truly unique vehicle


The modest weight of the vehicle and its low centre of gravity make it easy to handle and fun to drive

Low seat height

The seat height makes it easy to get on and off, and a comfortable way to get around town

Large wheels

Further enhancing stability and safety, the large wheels even help to make uneven roads smoother


Unlock roads and open up playgrounds

Combined with unique HTS™ suspension, those wheels are going to be game changers. Tilting simultaneously on every turn, they make riding fluid, precise and stable – even where roads and conditions are unkind. Safety is further boosted by ABS and it's even prepared for auxiliary airbag systems.


Imagine a scooter that doesn't fall down

Gravity likes to play games with two-wheeled motorists. But HTS™ technology plays one of its own. When approaching a curve, you'll push to lean the vehicle down – relax, it won't let you tilt further than 45 degrees. Then, when you're ready to come out of the curve, the hydraulics will help bring you back upright.


Why get wet feet when you come to a stoplight?

As you're coming to a stop the suspension automatically locks, so the vehicle stays up and your feet stay dry - while you wait for the green light. The same trick lets you roll into a tiny parking gap, (no need for a kickstand). And with a low seat height, getting on and off is going to be super simple.


Fun-to-drive soon comes with more than two wheels

As well as stability, big wheels are good for smoothing out bumpy roads. The vehicle's centre of gravity is low, and it's surprisingly light – so handling is a special kind of pleasure. Stimulating for experienced drivers, reassuring for newcomers.


Put your passenger behind you and your chihuahua on the floor

Smart doesn't get much smarter. Your two helmets will fit inside the seat storage, and the footboard is flat for luggage and feet of all shapes and sizes. Fuel efficiency is boosted by Start Stop technology, and best of all, it has full LED lighting and a digital dashboard set for the future.

The power of thinking ahead

Shown at the international fair for motorcycles and scooters, EICMA 2017, the Nuvion concept is the first result of an exciting new partnership. The developer of HTS™, Swiss company Quadro Vehicles, brings innovation and design to the collaboration. And, together with its brand SYM, Sanyang Motor brings the manufacturing excellence of one of the world's biggest motorcycle producers. Through Nuvion, we are realising a new vision of personal mobility in the urbanised world.

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